Who Are We

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Beautiful painting of Deland Home
Painting of DeLand Receiving Home
by Sheboygan artist Dale Knaak

The DeLand Receiving Home provides temporary emergency shelter for children between the ages of three and seventeen. As a Receiving Home our primary function is to provide safety, security, compassion and stability to the children who come through our doors.

DeLand Receiving Home, Inc. is licensed by the state of Wisconsin as a group home, however DeLand is much more. We are a temporary haven for children suffering the effects of abuse and neglect. The children often come to us with wounds still very fresh and require a great deal of compassion and kindness. DeLand is a nurturing comfortable home staffed by a house manger and team of trained resident childcare staff offering 24/7 coverage.

The History of DeLand

The DeLand Receiving Home was established in 1970 through a joint effort initiated by the Sheboygan County Department of Health and Human Services. The home itself was a gift of the DeLand Foundation, which was established in the will of the late Ambrose D. DeLand. DeLand continues to be contracted by the Sheboygan County Department of Health and Human Services. Our Board of Directors, comprised of citizen volunteers, is responsible for operations of the home. Since opening our doors in 1970, DeLand has provided shelter and support for over 2850 children from Sheboygan County.

New Programming
Respite Services

In 2011 we were licensed by the State of Wisconsin to offer respite to families struggling to meet the needs of their children on a full time basis. Sheboygan County Department of Health and Human Services has referred many families to DeLand for our respite service enabling these families to have scheduled time apart for a needed break and to regroup. DeLand's staff is trained to handle the many behavioral, emotional and/or cognitive needs of these children.

How can you help?

As with many not-for- profit agencies, DeLand Receiving Home, Inc. suffers the effects of budget restraints and expenses that continue to rise. We are grateful for community support. Donations to DeLand are tax deductible and can be made by visiting our Donate page.